Tea Pots

Keep your favorite brew hot for a longer period of time with a hand made stoneware tea pot.  Just fill the pot with hot water 5-10 minutes before brewing, and then pour out the water.  Add your freshly boiled water and favorite tea leaves, brew for 5-10 minutes, and serve.  By allowing the tea pot to heat up ahead of time, the insulating properties of clay will keep your tea hot.  


Use for your favorite iced tea, milk, water, or any other beverage.  Pitchers also make great flower vases. 

Batter Bowls

Batter bowls come in three different sizes.  The smallest are handy for mixing eggs, serving salad dressing, salsa, or even bar-b-q sauce. Medium and large sizes are perfect for larger family gatherings. Mix a batch of pancakes, or serve gravy in them for a functional, beautiful table accessory. 


These are general guidelines for pouring vessel prices, which may vary depending on size, color, form, and texture. Please contact The Clay Works for availability.

Functional tea pot:  $54-$68

Carved tea pot:  $75-$125

Pitcher:  $35-$78

Small batter bowl:  $28

Medium batter Bowl:  $36

Large batter bowl:  $42